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Flag Official Chievo Verona Flag On sale

Flag of Chievo Verona, the official version proposed was adopted in 1930. The flag is composed of a blue background, with the Chievo Verona coat of arms in the center. The official coat of arms of Chievo Verona is a shield of Swiss type, the shield has the border and the background colored yellow, in the center of the emblem is depicted a leader who represents the Congrade I della Scala, the main symbol of Verona, in the 90s team was accused of plagiarism as in 1970 the coat of arms was used by the main city club, the president Luca Campedelli showed the photos of the footballers of 1930, where they wore the uniform of Chievo Verona with the emblem. The Chievo Verona is a young company of the city of Verona, with its yellow-blue social colors.

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Flag Official Chievo Verona


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