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Welcome to our section dedicated to flags for yachts, rafts, boats and sailing clubs. In this section you can find the flags for boats, yachts, dinghies and sailing clubs for sale.

The presence of some flags is absolutely necessary on boats during navigation. Vessels mainly communicate visually, therefore a correct flags usage represents a staple in the sailors’ tradition. On our e-commerce you can purchase all kinds of boat flags, from national flags to burgees, to courtesy flags. You can also create online your personalized flag, if you wish to distinguish your boat in a unique way.


The most important flag is undoubtedly the national one, that must be exposed during the whole day and in some cases also during the night, if well illuminated (boats under 10m are not obligated to abide by this rule). The national flag indicates the nationality of the boat and not necessarily the one of the owner. Positioning varies depending on whether it is a motorboat or a sailing boat, but, generally, the flag should be positioned as much astern as possible. On flagsonline.it you can purchase flags of all the countries of the world, with no exception.



Another kind of national flag is the courtesy flag. This flag is hoisted, according to the flag etiquette, when a boat finds itself in foreign territorial waters. It comes together with the letter Q if the boat is waiting to enter inside the harbor.


The burgee is the flag of the club of which the ship owner is member. The burgee is taken down only when the boat is being laid up. When navigating in foreign waters, its place is taken by the courtesy flag.


On flagsonline.it you can create your customized shipowner’s flag. To place your order, you can directly go to https://www.flagsonline.it/personalized-flags and select the desired options. You can choose online every detail of your product: dimensions, format (horizontal, vertical,, triangular, etc.), material (nautical polyester, light polyester, etc.) , quantity. Upload the image in the bar, using a vector format. Creating a personalized flag is quick and easy. Prices vary depending on the chosen characteristics.


The whole printing and packaging process is Made in Italy, a guarantee of superior quality. We realize unique flags starting from your original idea, in order to manufacture an exclusive, flawless product.

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