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Regulation wind flags

Regulation wind flags for shooting ranges

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Regulation wind flags for shooting ranges

We produce wind flags in nautical polyester in the quality and shape provided by international association rules.


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Use and display of flags


Wind is a determining factor for the bullet trajectory, whether it's a shot with an air rifle at 25 meters or a shot with a long range rifle at 1000 meters. Indeed, on a windy day, the bullet is shot in the direction in which the wind is blowing. The direction of the air plays an important role in the way of the projectile that travels towards the target at a speed of almost 950 km per hour.


Thanks to the sensitivity and reactivity of the wind flags, shooters are able to read every variation in wind direction and intensity and understand how far to move the aiming point or how adjust the sights. For this reason, shooting field are set up with wind flags and they are kept unchanged until the competition is completed.


Flags are usually displayed at various distances between the firing line and the targets: usually at 100, 300, 500, 700 and 900 yards. Furthermore, for a correct wind reading by shooters, it is recommended to place at least 3 flags every 2 shooting lines for 50m competitions and 2 flags every 2 shooting lines for 25m competitions.


Flag colors may be different. For example, in Italy and America they are composed of two colors, respectively yellow and blue and red and yellow (or just red), while for the Arab world they are all red and they are placed on poles with a height of up to 14 meters.


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