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Flags for embassies and diplomatic corps

All the flags of the world, national, provincial, local for embassies and consulates

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Welcome to our section dedicated to flags for embassies and diplomatic corps. In this section you can find the flags for embassies and consulate.


The embassies are diplomatic representations of one state to another state, while the consular posts are all the diplomats who perform their functions in other states. Flags are fundamental elements for the affirmation and representation of the identity of a country, therefore they can not be missing in the internal and external ambassadors. When consular bodies travel by car, it is possible to use a small flag that signals the presence of the diplomats themselves and their nationality.


National flags are used by diplomatic delegations for conveying nationality information and identifying themselves. In our catalogue you can purchase flags of all the countries of the world, in a variety of formats. The institutional format is used for flags which are exposed indoors or outdoors in the embassy building; the small one is used on diplomatic vehicles.




If you wish to purchase world countries’ flags, we offer a complete range of American flags, African flags, Asian flags, European flags, etc. If you are not able to find the flag you are looking for, please reach us by live chat, telephone or e-mail.


Flags are essential items for embassies, as they represent the meaning of an embassy itself, that is, a nation performing its functions on a foreign national territory. Flags are in fact a symbol of national identity and they can signal the presence of diplomatic delegations abroad; wherever they move, national flags are placed on diplomatic vehicles to identify their provenience and belonging to a particular corp.


On flagsonline.it you can purchase flags for embassies in a variety of formats (standards are 20x30cm for car flags, 100x150cm for institutional ones), materials, quantity; flags can be enriched by the wide range of accessories ( poles, toppers, bases, etc.) you can find on our e-commerce. Nautical polyester is the most appropriate material for outdoor exposition; satin, which is more delicate, is the right choice for indoor spaces).


The whole printing and packaging process is Made in Italy, a guarantee of superior quality. We realize unique flags starting from your original idea, in order to manufacture an exclusive, flawless product.


To buy online the flags for embassies and consulate just click on the desired article and add it to the cart.

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