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Warning flags are hoisted on the beach in fixed and well-visible places and they are meant to signal at sight important information to beachgoers, in order to guarantee their safety. On equipped beaches, warning flagsare by all means part of the lifeguards’ working tools and their meaning should be taken into account with caution by anybody who is spending time on the beach. 

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Flag White

White Flag

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Yellow-Red Flag

Yellow-Red beach safety Flag on Sale


Beach safety flags are hoisted by private and public beach establishments and beach clubs as swimming warning; indeed, they are also referred to as “swimming beach flags”. 
Beach clubs, bathing resorts and beach resorts have the obligation to display beach safety flags together with a table, showing the meanings related to the flags adopted by the area. 
Usually, the white flag and the blue flag indicate ideal conditions for bathing and on-duty lifeguard service. The yellow flag and the red-and- yellow flag indicate limited lifeguard service and strong wind conditions. The red flag stands for dangerous waters or absence of lifeguard service. The red flag is also employed under unpredictable dangerous circumstances such as pollution or other unsafe conditions for the beachgoers. 
Beach flags are used in different ways around the world, so they can be different by shapes and colors from country to country. 
On flagsonline.it you can buy a safety flags’ kit or a single flag, choosing between the rectangular or the triangular shape. All our beach flags are manufactured with nautical polyester, which is a durable, top- quality material, specifically developed to last under adverse weather conditions. 
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