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Flags for Formula 1, MotoGP and WTCC

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In racing competitions such as Formula 1, Formula Indy, rally racing, kart racing, motorcycle racing, MotoGP, etc. flags represent orders that must be respected; failure to comply will result in the exclusion from the competition.
Operators in charge of using the flags are flagmen, grand marshals or starters. Signaling follows the provisions of the International Code. Such flags are used during competition in order to communicate messages to pilots. Such messages must be understood immediately; pilots are therefore required to know the meaning of the racing flags.
The most prestigious racing competitions are the world championships organized by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The major single-seat auto racing is Formula One; other relevant championships are the Rally World Championship, the World Touring Car Championship and the FIA World Endurance.
The meaning of the flags are expressed by the color, but sometimes the same flag can have different meanings. The authorized racing flags are: red, black, yellow, black and white divided diagonally, black and white checkered flag, blue with diagonal yellow stripe, yellow with red stripes, light blue, white and green, black with an orange disk.
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Flagsonline.it supplies all the necessary flags for racing competitions in the official recognized formats. Materials used for manufacturing all our products, like nautical polyester, are top-quality ones, specifically designed for lasting under all weather conditions.
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Racing flags Kit in nautical polyester 60x80 cm
120.00 euro (137.00)
120,00 Euro
VAT included
Racing flags Kit in nautical polyester 80x100 cm
150.00 euro (175.00)
150,00 Euro
VAT included

Racing flags kit for cars and moto racing.
The essential kit for a motorcycle or car race consists of a ration of the following flags: the flag, red flag, blue flag, green flag, the flag with vertical stripes yellow and red flag, yellow flag White flag, the black flag with orange disc, the white on black diagonal flag and the flag of black. The kit is available in two official forms: board 60x80 cm racing flags and flag racing game 80x100 cm.