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Racing flags


Flags for Formula 1, MotoGP and WTCC

flags for racings, official racing flags In the race car and motorcycle, the commissioners present at the circuits have a series of warnings that they should use to report situations to drivers during races and during training sessions. These indicators (racing flags) follow international standards, so are the same in all circuits of the world except the national flag, which obviously varies from country to country.

This type of racing flags used for racing in Formula 1, Formula Indy, rally racing, kart racing, motorcycle racing, MotoGP, etc. ..

Flagsonline provides racing flags with the official formats in use. The official racing flags are used by the flagsmans, grand marshals or starters..

Racing flags kits - Set for starters flags kits Quantity Unit Price Add to cart
Racing flags Kit in nautical polyester 60x80 cm
120.00 euro (137.00)
120,00 Euro
VAT included
Racing flags Kit in nautical polyester 80x100 cm
150.00 euro (175.00)
150,00 Euro
VAT included

Racing flags kit for cars and moto racing.
The essential kit for a motorcycle or car race consists of a ration of the following flags: the flag, red flag, blue flag, green flag, the flag with vertical stripes yellow and red flag, yellow flag White flag, the black flag with orange disc, the white on black diagonal flag and the flag of black. The kit is available in two official forms: board 60x80 cm racing flags and flag racing game 80x100 cm.