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The Princess Pirate

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To celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, here is the flag of the Pirate Princess or Female Pirate. The flag is pink with the skull and the bandana and two roses placed instead of the classic pirate bones. It's a very feminine flag that every woman with a pirate heart should hoist.

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The Princess Pirate
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Flag for sale The Princess Pirate

Although the common belief speculates that piracy was uniquely masculine. Many are the Piratesse passed to history.

The first pirate in history was a Viking woman, Alvida, who, to escape the suitor, organized a ship with a crew of only women, keeping the entire Baltic Sea in check for years.

Grace O'Malley, Irish, was widowed at the age of twenty (1530) and took command of the paternal fleet, attacking the Irish ports controlled by other clans.

Another known piratessa was Cheng I Sao (1800). At the death of her pirate husband, she assumed command of a fleet that became the terror of the South China Sea:

But the most famous pirate women were Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Anne Bonny, born in Ireland around the end of 1600. Anne became the protagonist of several sentimental affairs alongside several famous pirates. Anne was considered dangerous and brave like any other man in the crew. On the ship he fired at a sailor whose attentions he did not like, and soon became second commander of Calico Jack.

During a boarding trip, Anne Bonny met Mary Read one day. The two pirate women became friends.