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The World Flags Catalogue


World Flags Catalogue

On Flagsonline.it you can find all the flags of the world you are looking for.
The countries of the world which are currently recognized by the United Nations are 206, divided into three categories: 193 member states, 2 permanent observers (Vatican City and Palestine) and other 8, which have territorial sovereignty but have obtained a limited or no international recognition.
Flagsonline.it is committed to supply you with all the flags of the countries you are seeking. On our e-commerce you can choose among a wide range of high quality national flags (European flags, American flags, African flags, flags of all countries of the world) in a variety of shapes and sizes, with long-lasting materials, at competitive prices. Next to each flag’s image you can discover its history and meaning.
On our catalogue you will find the right product that fits with any of your requirements. Indeed, our flags of the nations of the world can be manufactured in different formats: from the standard flags in various sizes, to table flags, sail and drop flags and others. You will be able to enrich your flag with the desired accessories. On our e-commerce you will also find exclusive items, like our stickers of the world flags and books about flags for heraldry enthusiasts.
Functional in the most varied venues, our custom flags can improve the appearance of your business’s interior and outdoor spaces, hotels, tourist resorts, recreational and sport clubs. Thanks to our advertising flags you will provide uniqueness and visibility to your locations.
A flag is a symbol of belonging, and its presence is required also during solemn events as parades, religious ceremonies, public and military exhibitions, or simply as an item of décor for institutional buildings.
Furthermore, Flagsonline.it offers you a complete range of nautical flags, international maritime signal flags and beach safety flags..
It may be on your table, while camping or sailing, at the stadium or at a concert…there’s no limit to the occasions a flag can stay with you. Whichever your necessity, we have the flag that suits you. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with a top quality -Made in Italy-product.
All the flags of the world, manufactured with the passion and creativity that define us. Come and discover an exciting world of flags online for sale here on our exclusive catalogue.

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