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windsock In this section you can purchase windsocks.
Windsocks are conical tools for measuring wind speed and direction, fixed to the ground by a turning support. According to the rules of the International Civil Aviation Association ICAO, windsocks must be present in every airport and heliport. Windsocks help to understand which conditions should be expected while flying, and even though they aren’t actually precise tools, an expert pilot is able to use them effectively. Windsocks are installed also on boats or along roads, bridges, flyovers on which lateral wind could become dangerous; nearby chemical plants and industrial storage; on oil plants.
Wind blows inside the sock, inflating it and leading the narrower extremity to a direction; by observing this movement, it is possible to approximately estimate the strength and the provenience of the wind. When wind is not blowing, the wind sock remains drooped.
Positioning is fundamental for a correct usage. Windsocks must be well visible, its colors being usually red and white, orange and white or black and white. In airports where nightly flights are common, windsocks must be lighted up by lamps. It has to be always recognizable from the surrounding environment, at least from an height of300mt.
The ICAO imposes standard measures that must be followed depending on the site they are positioned. On flagsonline.it you can purchase windsocks choosing from Easy ones and Strong ones, with a variety of lengths and support options; we can also manufacture custom windsocks if needed.
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30,00 € 280,00 €
Easy Windsock

Wind socks made by nylon with elastic polyurethane resin protection is pursuant to workers' security and health regulation.
Warranty: 1 year (with the exception of extraordinary atmospheric agents)

Easy Windsock Quantity Unit Price Add to cart
Easy Windsock Length: 1 Mt
30,00 Euro
VAT included
Easy Windsock Length: 2 Mt
65,00 Euro
VAT included
Easy Windsock Length: 3 Mt
150,00 Euro
VAT included
Easy Windsock Length: 4 Mt
180,00 Euro
VAT included
Easy Windsock Length: 6 Mt
280,00 Euro
VAT included
Strong Windsock

Polyester wind socks with Teflon wire completely waterproof with fiberglass support border (extractable), pursuant to the aeronautic law (ICAO heliports) for aerodroms and heliports.

Strong Windsock Quantity Unit Price Add to cart
Strong Windsock Length: 3 Mt
460,00 Euro
VAT included
Easy Windsock Length: 4 Mt
560,00 Euro
VAT included
Windsock Support

Rod vane in standard stainless steel (mt 6)
Rod vane with lamp in stainless steel (mt 6.) 4,900 €
Closeable rod vane with lamp in stainless stell (mt 6) 6,000€

Wind socks customization

We can even realize custom wind socks according to your design and with the model you have chosen.