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The flag of the International Code letter M indicates Boat "My ship stopped and making no headway." The flag letter M is also known as Mike the flag. The M flag in the race used to replace missing a buoy. The M flag displayed with repeated beeps when approaching the competitors.

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Mike flag in 100% nautical polyester - HIGH QUALITY FLAG

Letter M Flag Size Q.ty Unit Price
Letter M flag 100% Nautical Polyester 20x20 cm
0,6x0,6 ft
12,00 Euro
(VAT included)
Letter M flag 100% Nautical Polyester 30x30 cm
0,9x0,9 ft
16,00 Euro
(VAT included)
0,00 € 16,00 €
METAL HOOK ROPE (also at the bottom) DOUBLE HEM
METAL HOOK ROPE (also at the bottom) DOUBLE HEM
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Formal Country Name: signal flag
Local Country Name: signal flag
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Letter M flag on sale, Flagsonline presents the Mike flag, buy now the flag of Lettera M