Flags Galateo


Glossary for flags

the flag's parts A flag is usually shared in 4 quarters: the two on the left side are called "at the flagpole" because they are next to the pole, obviously and the the two quarters on the right side are called "AT THE FLY" because they are next to the waving side. The up-left quadrant is named "bend" and it usually contains a drawn.

  1. Pennon: the POLE on which the flags lift.
  2. Rope: bundle of twisted wires used to lift the flag till the pulley.
  3. Cleat or bollard: short mushroom shaped pillar placed along the pennon to roll up and fasten the rope that lift the flag.
  4. Length: flag's long side.
  5. Width: flag's short side.
  6. FLY: the flag side which flutter so the opposited of the beam. Sometimes it is wrongly named flag's base.
  7. Centre of the flag: where usually the crest take place.
  8. Depth: the flag side which is next to the pennon, it often coincides with the flag width.
  9. HEAD OR FINIAL: it is the top of the pennon. It can change according with the flag.