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Universal rules for flags show

Universal rules for flag's show In a group of flags all of them must be the same size, this is an international standard. Everyone must be lift on its own pennant or on different ropes. If flags are settled on yardarm they must be put at the same height. Lift two or more flags on the same rope is generally considered a wrong way.
Flag is shown from the sunrise to the sunset, but is not when it's bad weather.

Other international habits are the following:
Flag must be shown in a respectable way: it doesn't have to reach the ground or the water, it doesn't have to be carried orizontally, it must be always high-placed and let be free of waving, it's never used as tablecloth or seatcloth or any kind of drapery. Flag must not be used as packaging for any kind of delivery. National flag must not be shown in a lower position than the subordinate ones.
Other national flags are shown in alphabetical order according to the local languages or in the language of the country where the event is taking place.
When two flags are shown together, the national one must be at the left side of who is watching.

The same happens when the pennant are crossed. In the international association offices or during international sport events flag sequence follows the local alphabetic countries names or the english ones.