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Buy the Benin table flag. The Beninese table flags are ideal to be placed on the desk, to remember a trip or to welcome someone who visits us coming from Benin. The Deskotp flag of Benin is sold individually without a stand. Stands can be purchased separately.

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Benin Table Flag

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Formato bandiera


14x21 cm

Easy Polyester


4,00 €

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The current flag of Benin has been adopted for the first time in 1960, when the country achieved independence from France. In 1975, Marxist government came to power in Benin and the country was renamed to the Republic of Dahomey. In this period, a green flag with a red star in the upper left corner was used in all the official occation. After the fall of the regime in 1990, the previous flag has been readopted.