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The special productions section illustrates you all the special productions we can adopt in order to realize your flags. At Flagsonline.it we work on different materials. We can produce any flag you might need on nautical polyester, taftà, silk or satin. We can also produce flags on nylon (light polyester), cotton, wool and wool bunting if the quantity of flags to be produced is interesting. We can print your flag (printed flags) or realize it hand sewn (that is to say hand sewn flags). We can also produce machine embroidered flags and hand embroidered flags. If you need a double size flag with the front with a different image from the back we can produce your flags on black core nautical polyester, we can suggest the black Finally each flag can be finished with ropes, eyelets, grommets or sleeves for inserting rods/poles. These are your choices.

Embroidered flags Embroidered flags - These kinds of flags are a wonderful keepsake for graduations, anniversaries and special events. Many of these flags are usually mounted in wooden frames. They are more expensive than the printed flags and they can be hand embroidered flags or machine embroidered flags. Hand embroidered flags are usually the most expensive flags we can produce as they require many hours of job of our taylors.

Sewn flags Sewn flags - These flags are used for very formal occasions. They are more expensive than the printed flags as they are usually hand sewn by our taylors. These flags are also known as "applique flags" as the single parts of the flags are appliqued together. We can produce partially sewn flags where the logos are so complex that it would be too expensive to recreate the logo by joining the single parts of it.
Digital Printed flags Digital Printed flags - These flags are the core business of our company. We are used to produce national flags and custom flags (personalized flags) with our eco-friendly sublimation printers. The sublimatic printing allow us to produce 1 flag or 1000 flags. The process we use is also known as "dye-sublimation". Images are printed on electrostatic donor paper. Then the heat transfer machine will transfer the image at the nautical polyester textile through heat, pressure and time variables. Once the toner is modified into gas form, it permeates the material providing a vivid intense color.
Serigraph printed flags Serigraph printed flags - Pushing inks through a stretched mesh is the oldest form of printing. It allows thick lay-downs of ink. Serigraph is one of the world's largest screen printers. It's a convenient way to produce flags if you need to produce at least 300 flags, better if you need thousands of flags. All the cheap flags we produce are realized through the serigraph printing. The best textile to be serigraphed is nylon or light polyester.

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