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In this section you can purchase personalized flags. Here you will be able to create your custom flag directly online; you can choose your desired shape, size and design and we will provide you with your unique flag.
We are specialized in manufacturing advertising flags for businesses, companies, hotels, camping villages , universities, political parties, sports and recreational associations and so on. Thanks to our flags you will bring uniqueness and visibility to any interior or outdoor space. Moreover, we can manufacture flags for musical groups, boats, personalized logos or family emblems, and many others. Whatever your need, we will do our best to supply you with an exclusive flag.
You can choose among a variety of formats - horizontal or vertical flags, sail and drop flags - ,insert the size you prefer in inches or centimeters and finally, specify the quantity you wish to purchase.
All materials used for the manufacturing are long-lasting, top quality ones; if your flag will be used in outdoor spaces, nautical polyester is the most appropriate fabric to choose, as it is durable even under unfavorable weather conditions.
There are two ways to send your request for a custom flag: by filling the form here below (faster than the other options) or directly by email (special@flagsonline.it). Flagsonline’s privacy policy completely adheres to both EU and Italian government directives on privacy (EU Directive 46/1995 and Italian law D.lgs. 675/1996). We will then offer an estimate and send you a proposed model. When we get your final approval, we'll begin manufacturing your flag.
If you already have a file (eps, jpg, gif,) of your custom flag, please send it directly to the e-mail address: info@flagsonline.it

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If you already have a file (eps, jpg, gif,et.) of your custom flag, please send it direclty to the e-mail address you find at the bottom of this form. Make sure to specify Quantity and Flag Size (feet or centimetres)

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