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(1 EURO is about 1.20 US DOLLAR)

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First of all we want to thank our customers for their purchases on Flagsonline.it. A lot of them answered with enthusiasm to our quality control service. We want to make public some of those comments also to demonstrate the quality of our flags and of our service. Please continue to write us your comments, suggests and, why not, complains: we need your opinion to improve our service.

Thank you for making my husband's Christmas very Merry. I appreciate you sending the flag by Fed-X and was very surprised. You made my day. I will recommend you to my friends interested in purchasing flags in the future. Happy New year. Sincerely, C. K. (09/09/2005)
Dear Flagsonline,

My Fiji flag arrived yesterday......many thanks......no doubt, I will be using your services again in the future....... K. M. (09/09/2005)
hello, hope u all are doing well. i am doing well and preparing for state tourney in march in basketball. i've already made front-page and tv same day last tourney this time around.

the flag is everything i dreamed and hoped it would be.its already been through one or more major blizzards and was a trooper.u all did a great job on it and everyone is to be commended.

i brought it to a sunday-night rec group and one of my new friends got to see it and when i told her that it was thee olympic flag she was awe-struck.it is just simply,simply beautiful and truly radiant in every way when the sun hits it during the day time. thanx again,its the prettiest flag i have ever seen.

bestest regards, C. W.
We recently used Flagsonline.it for our South East and London Swans flag. We shopped around online but found the staff at flagsonline.it to be very helpful and they gave us a great quote. The flag is superb, top notch and great quality. We heartily recommend Flagsonline.it'

The South East and London Swans - http://www.seals-online.co.uk
I have been looking for a company that produced flags from my parents' ancestral home for a long time. Your company has a huge selection to choose from and your web site provided a detailed and easy search for what I was looking for all this time. I received my flags today and I am completely satisfied with them. They look beautiful, are of high quality, and arrived in great shape. Thank you.
To the employees of flagsonline: I want to graciously thank you for the prompt and accurate delivery of the Trentino-Alto Adige flag for my husband this Christmas. You were all so helpful to me and your service is fantastic! His mother's side is from this area of Italy and has never seen a regional flag of Trentino. He is going to be so happy with his Christmas present. Thank you again and have a blessed holiday season! Sincerely,
Pamela R. S. (USA)
We received the flag last week and we are absolutely delighted with it! It is flying at the moment. Thank you so much for all your help. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and we look forward to being in touch again in the near future. Very best wishes,
Olivia (Ireland)
Oh my gosh!! This flag is exactly what I wanted!
The color, and the complete flood of blue suprised and pleased me to no end. You folks certaintly know what your doing and You can be sure I'll be singing your praises to any and all re-enacting units I meet up with. I'm sure we will be asked 'Where did you get that Flag???'
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
David M. (USA)
thank you very much for the German Flag. I get the parcel a few days ago. I promise, this
flag will be hoistet up every year on our National Holiday, the 3rd of October. I wish you all
the best.
Volker P. (Germany)
We were delighted with the flag. It arrived within only a few days, and we are happy with your service.
Thomas R. (USA)
To the staff at 'Flagsonline' - your package was successfully delivered the following day. We are very pleased with the quality and beauty of the Florentine flag, and will definitely order from you again. Thank you for all your help and concern! Viva Italia!
Best regards from your friends in America -- Ed & Diane W. (USA)
Dear Customer Care,
I have just received the 2 books in question. Thank you very much. Your service was excellent and very much appreciated.
I will be using the Adriatic Pilot you sent me, as I will be leaving to Croatia on the 8th of July and by then I do not think that you would have sourced the Imray Pilot.
Thanks once again
Joe (Malta)
I have been on holiday for the last week, but I got he message that you left me on the answering maschine. I then contacted FedEx Norway on the phone number you gave me. It turned out that the Norwegian custom wants ones personal ID number when a private person is taking goods from abroad into Norway. That was the entire problem, it was solved within 30 seconds. The flags had arrived my office upon my return, with which I am satisfied. I guess I will come back to you and order more.
Thank you and best regards
Jan Erik K. (Norway)
The twirling magazine will be posted shortly. I am only back at work today after the competitions and have just received your e-mail. Your flags were lovely for our competitions and everything went according to plan. We had an enquiry from Slovenia as to where we purchased our flags as they are hosting the competition in 2005. I have passed your e-mail address to them and have given them a note of your web site. Hopefully they will be in contact with you.
Susan M. (Ireland)

Anthony J K. (U.S.Navy - Gaeta - Italy):
Thank you for the special attention you gave us in handling a very critical order. We received the flags in less than 3 days! I and my colleagues appreciate the great service you provided the U.S. Navy.
Thanks again.

Tom R. (USA):
We were delighted with the flag. It arrived within only a few days, and we
are happy with your service. Merry Christmas.
Chris Macbeth (France/UK):
I received the flag of Argentina on Saturday 14th December. I was impressed by the ease of use of your website, the speed of delivery and the quality of the flag, and I will use your site again.
Thomas R. (Switzerland):
Ammirevole scelta, spedizione e incasso efficiente; personalmente preferirei bandiere in tessuti non artificiali cioè in cotone! La stampa e i colori mi sembrano però perfetti.
Admirably choose, delivery and payment efficent; personally i would prefer flags in not-artificial tissues like cotton! But print and colours are perfect.
Hans F. (Germany):
I received my flags in just a few days, they are already waving in the fron of my hotel, above all, i was delighted by the personalized flag... it's just perfect! I will use again your website and i will suggest it to my friends.
Andrew K. (UK):
Right today i received my 5 flags for my Ferrari Fan Club, they are beautiful and i think we're only at thhe beginnig of our collaboration.
Mika L. (Finland):
The flag arrived two days ago and i am really happy about flag design and materials. I am so produ to have a symbol of my country in my room. Your service is great!
Jaime M. (Spain):
Initially i had some doubt about online puchases, but the efficiency of your service and the quality of flags confirmed i did well when i've bought flags from your website.
Yvonne L. (Canada):
My son is so happy about the flag you made for his Basket Team, thank you again.
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