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Nonprofit associations flags


Welcome to our section dedicated to flags for nonprofit associations and category associations.

We are specialized in supplying flags for associations on which it is possible to print a logo, symbol or slogan. Flags can be used by associations in a variety of occasions, such as institutional meetings, outdoor installations like gazebos or stalls, any kind of event, but also for decorating the interior of  buildings where the association’s Nonprofit associations flags

activity take place.  

A flag can effectively satisfy the primary marketing objectives of associations, like the communication of the mission and the need of becoming visible and recognizable in the operating area. Associations represent a group of people that comes together to realize an activity that may be social, cultural, artistic, etc. Sense of belonging is therefore a fundamental item for the associations’ activity; communality of values and goals is the cornerstone of associations and a flag is the most indicated object for conveying such sentiments .

To place your order, you can directly go to and select the desired options. You can choose online every detail of your product: dimensions, format (horizontal, vertical,, triangular, etc.), material (nautical polyester, light polyester, etc.) , quantity. Upload the image in the bar, using a vector format. Creating a personalized flag is quick and easy. Prices vary depending on the chosen characteristics.

You can easily place your flags in any location thanks to our numerous accessories that you can purchase on our e-commerce, such as poles, bases, water bags, etc.

The whole printing and packaging process is Made in Italy, a guarantee of superior quality. We realize unique flags starting from your original idea, in order to manufacture an exclusive, flawless product.

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Flags for nonprofit associations & category associations