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Historic traditions are a fundamental part of any country’s culture. In Italy, flag wavers are artists that dedicate themselves to the conservation of one of the most peculiar medieval custom, the joust.

Nowadays, there are several official groups of flag wavers, united under the FISB (Italian Flag Wavers Federation), an association which organizes competitions and federal tournaments, as well as other activities of common interest, like non-competitive exhibitions and historical re-enactments. Tenzone Aurea is the name of the major series of the Italian flag wavers championship.

The handling of flags consists of a series of elaborate gestures, based on ancient codes, enriched and renewed in time with new techniques. Today, this activity has mainly an entertaining and esthetic connotation, but, originally, the role of flag wavers was essential for military purposes: troops during the battle exchanged coded information through the waving of the flags. Therefore, flag wavers were fundamental actors for the success of military ventures. Flags also had the important function of identifying men of the same troops and generate pride sentiments among communities.

technical flags for wavers

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