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Sport facilities and sport fields flags


Welcome to our section dedicated to flags for sports fields.

Flags are located on many playfields, among which football fields, rugby pitches and golf courses.

Not only on the field, but also on the stands and bleachers around it, flags are essential items: national flags, football teams’ flags or personalized flags for clubs, associations and groups of fans, they are waved during the match to support athletes and to express passion for the competition.

Sport facilities and sport fields flags

Small flags on football fields are located at the corners in order to mark the position from which the corner kick should take place. Their height and features are regulated, indeed, these flags can’t be too stiff, nor too tall, in order to guarantee the safety of players.  Other than flags which are part of the field equipment, stadiums are places where flags of the world or supporters’ clubs flags are waved by people as a sign of belonging and commonality.

Small flags on rugby fields are numerous and are located at the crossing points between the main lines of the pitch, such as the touch line, the dead ball line, halfway line  and 22m line. On golf courses, flags signal the location of holes. Golf regulation provides for how to move flags during the game.

If you wish to purchase a personalized flag, you can directly go to http://www.flagsonline.it/htm/personalized.asp and select the desired options. You can choose online every detail of your product: dimensions, format (horizontal, vertical,, triangular, etc.), material (nautical polyester, light polyester, etc.) , quantity. Upload the image in the bar, using a vector format. Creating a personalized flag is quick and easy. Prices vary depending on the chosen characteristics.

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