Flags for bicycles and motorcycles

flags for bicycles and motorcycles


Welcome to our section dedicated to flags for bicycles and motorcycles.

Flags located on the back of motorcycles and bicycles are usually flags of the country of provenance or personalized flags with a symbol, logo or slogan. This kind of flags is characterized by peculiar dimensions and must not be dangerous for drivers; in addition to this, they should be strong enough for outdoors exposition and stressing movements.

flags for bicycles and motorcycles

On our e-commerce we provide a wide range of national flags, manufactured in the appropriate formats for being transported on the backside of your vehicles (10x15cm and 20x30cm). Our items are realized with durable and top-quality materials, a guarantee of performance and durability.

Flags for bicycles and motorcycles can be used for a variety of scopes, not only as a distinctive element for communicating your origin, but also as an advertising channel, a method for promoting events, or even more,  to identify in a unique way a group of people, an association, club or team. We don’t forget that flags are also a safety tool for drivers on the streets, indeed,  they contribute to increase the visibility of cyclists, both children and adults.

If you wish to purchase a personalized flag, you can directly go to http://www.flagsonline.it/htm/personalized.asp and select the desired options. You can choose online every detail of your product: dimensions, format (horizontal, vertical,, triangular, etc.), material (nautical polyester, light polyester, etc.) , quantity. Upload the image in the bar, using a vector format. Creating a personalized flag is quick and easy. Prices vary depending on the chosen characteristics.

You can easily place your flags in any location thanks to our numerous accessories that you can purchase on our e-commerce, such as poles, bases, water bags, etc.

The whole printing and packaging process is Made in Italy, a guarantee of superior quality. We realize unique flags starting from your original idea, in order to manufacture an exclusive, flawless product.

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