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advertising flags for your business


Welcome to our section dedicated to advertising flags.

Among all personalized flags you can buy on our e-commerce, advertising flags represent the ideal solution for promoting your business, whatever it may be : shops, hotels, sport centers, tourist resorts, bars or restaurants…flags will help you to stand out and be remembered by current and potential customers.

Advertising flags are completely customizable items: starting from your idea we can fabricate a flag with your company’s logo, brand or slogan. Moreover, flags are an effective mean for conveying promotional messages, advertising of events and much more; indeed, they are a cheaper form of communication compared to traditional billboards, but equally compelling, considering their visual impact and the ability to attract attention even from long distances.

advertising flags for your business

It may be inside a room or a pavilion, or outdoors, in front of the entrance of your business or along the road, advertising flags don’t remain unnoticed to the public’s eye; they are able to make visible any logo, slogan or point of sale.  

To place an order, you can directly go to and select the desired options. You can choose online every detail of your product: dimensions, format (teardrop and sail flags, horizontal, vertical, pop-up, etc.), material (nautical polyester, light polyester, etc.) , quantity. Upload the image in the bar, using a vector format. Creating a personalized flag is quick and easy. Prices vary depending on the chosen characteristics.

You wish to make your logo, brand, marketing activity visible, but you have no idea of how to succeed? Our team of graphic designers can create your business logo or flag image upon request. Our customer care team is available through live chat, mail or telephone.    

The whole printing and packaging process is Made in Italy, a guarantee of superior quality. We realize unique flags starting from your original idea, in order to manufacture an exclusive, flawless product.

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