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The flag of SS Lazio SpA on dark blue background. The colors are White and Celeste: the founders (January 9, 1900) veterans from the 1896 Olympics, were inspired by the colors of the Greek flag, going back in spirit to the origins and history of Rome. The emblem consists of social eagle (Rome) with wings surmounting a shield with vertical stripes and white heaven. From its origins as "Company Podistica Lazio", were born on swimming, rowing, soccer, cycling etc.., Becoming in time a real POL is important now, at least 34 sections.

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100% easy polyester

S.S.Lazio blue flag in 100% easy polyester - ECONOMIC FLAG (CHEAP FLAG)

S.S.Lazio blue Flag Size Q.ty Unit Price
S.S.Lazio blue flag 100% Easy Polyester
(with pole sleeve)
91x140 cm
3x4.6 ft
(VAT included)
0,00 € 15,00 €
METAL HOOK ROPE (also at the bottom) DOUBLE HEM
METAL HOOK ROPE (also at the bottom) DOUBLE HEM

Formal Country Name: Sport Club Lazio
Local Country Name: Società Sportiva Lazio
Capital City of S.S.Lazio blue: Roma
Population of S.S.Lazio blue: -
Territory: -

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