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100% Made in Italy

Chievo-Verona Flag for sale


Chievo-Verona flag

Chievo-Verona flag Flagsonline logo will NOT be present on the real flag of Chievo-Verona.
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The official flag of Chievo Verona is the flag of a soccer team from the city of Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliette. The team is one of the youngest soccer teams from Italy.

Available versions of the flag of Chievo-Verona

100% easy polyester

Chievo-Verona flag in 100% easy polyester - ECONOMIC FLAG (CHEAP FLAG)

Chievo-Verona Flag Size Q.ty Unit Price
Chievo-Verona flag 100% Easy Polyester
(with pole sleeve)
91x140 cm
3x4.6 ft
15,00 Euro
(VAT included)
0,00 € 15,00 €
METAL HOOK ROPE (also at the bottom) DOUBLE HEM
METAL HOOK ROPE (also at the bottom) DOUBLE HEM

Formal Country Name: -
Local Country Name: -
Capital City of Chievo-Verona: -
Population of Chievo-Verona: -
Territory: -

Chievo-Verona flag on sale, Flagsonline presents the Chievo-Verona flag, buy now the flag of Chievo-Verona